Saturday, September 14, 2013

Double "Lazy H" 435 MHz 10,8 dBd


VK2FAK said...


I would be interested in some more detail on this project....measurements and such.
I have been looking for something similar to monitor satellite telemetry...without using the long Yagi...and maybe this could be used with another to increase the gain.


Klemensas said...

Hello John. I done three Lazy H antennas. With Lazy H , and Baofeng wel have heard satellite SO50 and FO29. This uncritical antenna.Not done very well , works well.
LY3LP Klemens

John-VK2FAK said...

Hi Klemens

I have made one of there antenna and it does work well.Now I will make an array, made up a 4 of these will have a low profile, small turning radius(760mm) and a Free Space gain around 18.7dbi..

John vk2fak

Klemensas said...

Hi,John,a good idea, 18,7dbi a good result.Write what got the result.Best regards. Klemens ,ly3lp

Unknown said...

I have made this antenna and seems like it works fine especially for SO50 but SWR is around 2.4
Is anobody here who understand the principles of the adjustment in this particular case and can help me with the advice how to make SWR less? Antenna made of 3mm aluminium and feeding by the cable of 50ohm.