Friday, July 17, 2009

QRP 144 MHz transmitter


c.paul said...
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c.paul said...

Forgive my ignorance but are the inductors in microhenries such as 2W05 is 2.5 microhenries?
What is the component in parellel to the crystal?
Any suggestion for the transistor besides hfe > 10 at 150 Mhz?
This is KI6UMT needing a fox hunt transponder. Thanks.

LY3LP said...

Excuse me for such a long delay....

Inductors: all air wound, 5mm diameter. 2w, 4w, 5w - these are 2,4,5 turns.

Regarding component parallel to crystal - resistor 4,7k.

Re transistor - can't give recommendation (because I use old and rare russiand ones - I have a lot of them). Look for any Ic~100mA capable UHF transistor.

Best 73! Klemens