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Laser pointer driver

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Ladder line feeded all band doublet

Here's my new all band antenna. It's a classic 80m half wave dipole fed by ladder line.
Antenna is about 5 meters over concrete roof. Nevertheless I've got quite good reports on all bands. On 80m I guess it works as NVIS antenna (cloud warmer) - today I've got 59/SSB solid report on 80m from station which is 250km away.

The ladder line is home made - idea is taken from here. For longer lines (more than 20-30 meters) I recommend to consider Frits' PA0FRI variant.

Tuner is z-match. (Frank PA0FBK also has very nice 2m/70cm antenna on the same page). I added perfect tool to this tuner - Phil's AD5X SWR indicator. It's very convenient tuning aid and safety tool for your finals!

What a mess!!! First tests you know :-) Must clean up this later somehow...

CU on all bands!
73 (72) de Zilvis, LY2SS

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