Sunday, October 20, 2013

SO50, QSO with F 0 EQE Sergiy

October 19, I've tried a lazy H , trought SO50

Lazy H "Biplane" 10,5 dBd , 70cm antenna

Mmana LY2SS, fabrication ant photo LY3LP

I heard a loud SO50 , FO29, may also be very loud
Lazy H, made from 1,5mm copper wire, folded, it becomes small size. 10,5 dBd 70cm band antenna for QRP. Conected 50 ohm cable

Monday, October 7, 2013

70cm band Gray Hoverman antenna

Material 4mm diameter. Feed it with 50 Ohm cable via 4:1 balun.
More designs here:

Gray Hoverman 10,5 dBd ,70cm antenna, very easy, for QRP antenna