Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Linux Mint

There was a silence in my blog due to migrating my old PC's OS from WindowsXP to Linux Mint.
The main reason for doing that was that my PC became unbearably sluggish - older PCs and modern anti-viruses don't match. It looked like it dedicated itself to antivirus and OS updating/maintaining tasks - not mine. Despite having constant updating OS and anti-virus (one of the industry leaders) I managed to catch some malware... (I do visit only hamradio related sites).

One can easy guess my reaction after that...

So far everything is going smooth - I like how responsive become my old PC and I have all the tools needed for my everyday work (echolink, spectrumlab, kdenlive). I don't miss Windows and seriously considering to abandon Windows in my Toshiba netbook.


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